GERD: Sudan calls for frame of reference on role of African experts

GERD (Reuters (photo)
January 9, 2020 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan has called for a frame of reference to determine the role that African expert can play to broker a deal on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) said the government negotiating team on Saturday.

The Sudanese negotiating delegation led by the Irrigation minister Yasir Abbas held a bilateral meeting for the first time with the African Union experts.

Sudan calls for a role to the AU experts to facilitate the stalled process on the GERD between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia and refused to resume meetings under the old formula saying it was fruitless.

“The meeting discussed extensively the need to establish a clear frame of reference for the role of the AU experts,” said the delegation after a meeting held on Saturday.

“Sudan stressed the need for the African Union to play a leading and proactive role in negotiations more effective than its role during previous rounds of negotiations,” further stressed the statement.

The African Union, the European Union and the United States are the three observers who attend the direct meetings between the three countries over the filling and operation of the giant dam which affect the downstream countries.

In a meeting held on 3 January, the three parties agreed on the bilateral meetings between the parties. Following, what Sudan requested the meeting with experts to better finalize their role in the tripartite talks.

The Sudanese delegation also affirmed its rejection of splitting the agreement into two deals one on the first filling and the second on the operation of the dam.

Sudan “demanded to reach a single comprehensive agreement that addresses all issues related to the Renaissance Dam,” said the deal.


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