Sudan is not looking for war against Ethiopia, minister says

January 14, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan is not looking for a war against Ethiopia, but it will not hesitate to defend its citizens and territory, the Sudanese Minister of Information said upon the return of a high-level delegation from Cairo.

Faisal Mohamed Sahel Government Spokesman and Information Minister
A Sudanese delegation headed by Chames al-Din Kabbashi a member of the Sovereign Council was in Eygpt for a meeting with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the ongoing tensions with Ethiopia.

In statements to the media at Khartoum airport, Faisal Mohamed Saleh that the delegation briefed President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the recent developments of the Sudanese-Ethiopian borders.

Saleh added that the visit is part of a plan to brief the neighbouring countries of the Sudanese position on the border conflict with Ethiopia.

“Sudan does not intend to carry out any military action (against Ethiopia) unless it is forced to do so. (We) did not attack the lands of others and have no ambitions in it,” said the spokesperson of the government.

He added that the redeployment of the armed forces and control of Sudanese territory on the eastern borders is a normal measure to protect the borders and the security of citizens and their agricultural lands.

The minister further stressed that there is no border dispute with Ethiopia adding that the issue has been resolved through the international agreements signed by the two countries in 1902, 1972 and the subsequent notes exchanged by the two countries.

Also, the minister said they know about the training and armament of Ethiopian forces that attack the Sudanese army, stressing they are not “armed militias or farmers”.

The Sudanese official was alluding to the Fano paramilitary force who are equipped and paid by the Amhara region. This group is accused by the international human rights groups of committing grave human rights violations against other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian officials accuse Egypt of instigating the conflict between the two countries in order to create chaos and have an opportunity to attack the disputed giant dam near the Sudanese border.


مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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