Ethiopian army releases eight Sudanese military captives

Ethiopian force that had fled to Sudan was handed over the the Ethiopian army (ST photo)
January 17, 2021 (GADAREF) – Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) on Sunday handed over to the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) eight soldiers who were captured during border clashes between the two sides last December.

The eight Sudanese militaries, seven soldiers and one officer, have been released after talks between the two sides, Sudanese army sources told the Sudan Tribune on Sunday.

The handover took place in the border area near the Gallabat, said the military official without further details about the nature of the deal struck between the two parties.

The Sudanese army last December handed over to the federal army several Ethiopian soldiers.

The released soldiers had been captured in Jebel Abu Teyyour during on December 12, when the Sudanese forces were deployed in the mountainous area.

Relations between Sudan and Ethiopia are strained after the redeployment of the army on the Sudanese territory on the border areas for the first time since 1995.

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok reiterated that Sudan does not intend to go to war with any country, and stressed that the armed forces have re-deployed within the Sudanese territory.

On the other hand, Ethiopian militiamen killed two shepherds in the Eastern Gallabat locality.

The mayor of Al-Lahuwin, Mohamed Ibrahim Jumaa, told the Sudan Tribune Sunday that the attack took place late on Saturday night when the Ethiopian militia killed two brothers with sharp tools.

“The militia looted about 250 sheep and fled them into Ethiopian territory after crossing the river,” Jumaa said.

“Saturday’s incident is the third in 3 months, as the number of victims from the Al-Lahuwin tribe increased to 12,” he added.


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