Ethiopia sets pre-condition for dialogue with Sudan: reports

January 26, 2021 (ADDIS ABABA,KHARTOUM) – Ethiopia on Tuesday set a pre-condition for any form of negotiations with neighbouring Sudan over their border dispute.

The Ethiopian government, state media reported, will only begin talks when the Sudanese side goes back to the status quo ante.

“Our precondition to carry out the negotiations with the Sudanese side is return to the status quo ante. Then we will discuss the border issue,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Dina Mufti.

The official stressed that there won’t be any dialogue with Sudan unless the latter pulls its forces out of occupied Ethiopian territories.

Last week, Sudan prevented its ambassador to Ethiopia, Yibtalal Amero from travelling overland back to Addis Ababa due to tension on the border between the two countries.

There were fears that the ambassador’s life might be endangered due to the situation on the border and in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Border tensions between the two countries have reignited since the outbreak of a conflict in Tigray region on November 4, 2020 which displaced over 50,000 mainly Tigrayan refugees into eastern Sudan.

Since then, several clashes have since occurred over agricultural land in the al-Fashqa area, which lies within Sudan’s international boundaries but has been settled by Ethiopian farmers for years.


مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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