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SLM-AW repulsed fresh attack by Sudanese forces in Jebel Marra: spokesman
صحيفة سودان تربيون اخبار السودان / فبراير 5, 2021

February 4, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahid al-Nur, (SLM-AW) accused the “government militia” of launching a third attack in ten days on their positions in Jebel Marra.

Video footage showing SLM-AW leader Abdel-Wahid al-Nur, dressed in military uniform speaks to his troops in an undisclosed location in May 2012 (File/ST)
On January 31, the SLM-AW reported an attack by “government militias” on the Toa Shallal area in eastern Jebel Marra. On 25 January, the holdout group had accused the government forces several areas under their control including Debbat Naira, Kibi, Rugula, Mirra, and Fallujah.

“The government militias based in the Tanguli area, today, Thursday, launched an attack on Rukona area east of Jebel Marra,” said the Movement’s military spokesman Walid Mohamed Abaker “Tongo” in a statement extended to the Sudan Tribune, on Thursday.

He pointed out that the SLM’s forces ambushed the attacking forces, and killed 24 members of the attacking forces and captured a 24-year-old soldier.

The military spokesman said that the movement seized 3 RBG cannons, 4 machine guns, and 15 Kalashnikov rifles, in addition to large quantities of various ammunition.

He accused the Sudanese army’s Military Intelligence of planning and supporting the attacks carried out by militias, considering this “an explicit declaration of war.”

“Our unilateral commitment the cessation of hostilities is not a sign of weakness but rather a commitment to the decisions and directives of the movement’s leadership,” he added.

The spokesman warned the Transitional Government, with its military and civilian components, against the consequences of these attacks by militias affiliated with the government.


مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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