Al-Burhan appoints new sovereign council excluding FFC

November 11, 2021(KHARTOUM) – Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan issued a decree on Thursday appointing the members of a new Transitional Sovereign Council that he chairs.

According to the official news agency, SUNA, al-Burhan has already taken the oath of office as Chairman of the collegial presidency which excludes all the civilian members appointed by the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

He appointed four members from the army including Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ” Hemetti” who is the Vice-Chairman, Shams al-Din Kabbashi Ibrahim, a member, Yasir Abdel-Rahman Hassan al-Atta, a member and Ibrahim Jabir Ibrahim, a Member.

Also, he appointed as members the three leaders of the armed groups that joined the Sovereign Council after the Juba Peace Agreement: Malik Agar of the SPLM-N, Tahir Hajar of the GSLF, and Hadi Idris of the SLM-TC.

The three leaders who are members of the FFC coalition had issued a joint statement denouncing the military coup and called to restore the transitional government.

The head of the Sovereign Council reappointed Raja Nicolas Abdel Masih who is an independent member representing the Christian minority in Sudan.

In addition, he appointed four members representing Sudanese regions with the exception of eastern Sudan. He said the representative of this region will be appointed after further consultations.

The four members are Youssif Gad-Karim Mohamed-Ali Youssif, Abu al-Gasim Mohamed Mohamed-Ahmed, Abdel-Baqi Abdel-Gadir Alzubair Abdel-Gader. and Salma Abdel-Jabbar Al-Mubarak Musa.

The members of the presidency will swear in on Friday. It is not clear if all of them would join the new body.

Al-Burhan decision puts an end to the ongoing efforts by the African Union envoy and the UNITMAS head to narrow the gaps between the military component and the FFC groups.

Further, he clearly defies the different calls and warnings by the international community, risking facing targeted sanctions with the other generals.

Hamza Balloul Information Minister loyal to Prime Minister Hamdok issued a statement saying that the new sovereign council is “an extension of the coup measures that began on October 25”.

He further expressed confidence that Sudanese people would “topple down the coup, remove its effects, and restore all the gains of the glorious December revolution”.



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