Sudanese keep protesting against military coup

November 25, 2021 (KHARTOUM)  – Sudanese took to the streets in the capital and many other cities, on Thursday, in what was called a “million people march of loyalty to the martyrs” to protest the military coup and Hamdok-Burhan deal.

Protesters in the three cities of the capital chanted slogans calling for the full civilian government, rejected the political agreement between the army commander in chief and the prime minister and called to hold accountable those who killed 42 people after the military coup.

The demonstrators closed some streets in the suburb of Buri, Sitteen Street, east of Khartoum, Shambat, Al-Sha`biah, and the institution in Khartoum North, by setting up barricades.

There was no heavy deployment of police forces, with the exception of several strategic locations in Khartoum North and Khartoum.

Police forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters on Al-Arbaeen Street in Omdurman in response to some protesters who threw stones at them. About 14 youth were wounded by gas canisters, activists say.

Other cities, including El Obeid in North Kordofan State and Madani in Gezira State, witnessed mass protests.

The Sudanese Professionals Association accused the police of using excessive force against the demonstrators, adding that several people sustained grave injuries.

For its part, the police dismissed the accusations saying did not seek to disperse the protests and only responded to i violent attacks by some groups that used Molotov cocktails and stones against the police Central Station in Omdurman and Safia Section in Khartoum North.

Prime Minister Hamdok made a short stop at one of the protests in Khartoum where he saluted some FFC figures that took part in the procession. But he did not make any statement.

On Wednesday, he directed police commanders to protect the demonstration to ensure the right to peaceful protests.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities did not close the bridges linking Khartoum’s three cities, as it had used during the previous protests.

Already there are calls for another protest on 28 November.



مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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