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Sudan’s appoints new general attorney
صحيفة سودان تربيون اخبار السودان / ديسمبر 3, 2021

December 3, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Transitional Sovereign Council in Sudan picked Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa as new Sudan’s acting attorney general, the Council Spokeswoman announced on Thursday.

Khalifa was one of three prosecutors to be selected since last week to take the position. The two others are Abdel-Rahman Ahmed al-Haj and Yasir Abdel Rahman al-Khidir.

He was chosen by the military component and appointed by the head of the Sovereign Council al-Burhan who normally had to consult the Forces for Freedom and Change.

However, the coup leader had dismissed all the FFC appointed members from the collegial presidency.

In a related development, Sudan chief justice Abdel Aziz Fathel Rahman Abdeen Mohamed Sudan’s who was appointed last week under the same conditions took the oath of office on Thursday.

Before the coup, the FFC coalition proposed several people to be appointed for the two positions but al-Burhan put it aside.



مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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