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Sudan’s resistance committees denounce UN support to Hamdok-Burhan deal
صحيفة سودان تربيون اخبار السودان / ديسمبر 6, 2021

December 5, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Resistance Committees rejected calls by the UN Secretary-General to support the Hamdok-al-Burhan agreement as some groups protested outside UNITAMS premises in Khartoum.

Calls by Antonio Guterres earlier this month are still generating reactions among Sudanese groups who rejected his support to a deal that “recognizes and legalizes” the coup of October 25.

On Sunday, Volker Petheres Head of UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission Sudan (UNITAMS) met with a coordination of the Resistance Committees in Khartoum State.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Perthes said he was keen “to learn about their vision and views and discuss the way forward”.

The resistance groups, which are organised at the neighbourhood levels, spearhead the anti-coup protests in Sudan where 44 people have been by the security forces.

Following the meeting, the Committees stated they handed over a memo to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General stressing that the agreement of November 21, legitimize the coup and does not pave the way for a democratic transition in Sudan.

The memo further denounced statements made by Secretary-General Guterres in support of the agreement, and described it as “Biased to the fascist government at the expense of the betrayed peoples”.

The document, in return, praised the position of the U.S. Congress and the draft legislation to impose targeted and individual sanctions on the coup leaders.

Before the meeting, the Resistance Committees Coordination asked to allow them to broadcast the meeting but the German diplomat refused their request.

The committees made this request in response to the criticism and rejection of the meeting by some groups.

On Sunday, members of the Resistance Committee in Jabra Suburb of Khartoum State held a sit-in outside the UNITAMS headquarters to denounce what they called UNITAMS efforts to legitimize the military coup in Sudan.

On December 2, the Professional Pharmacists Alliance in Sudan (PPhA Sudan) staged a sit-in outside the UNITAMS premises holding banners accusing Perthes of empowering the military.

The UNITAMS did not issue a statement on its meeting with the Coordination.

The Sudanese Professionals Association, on December 3, refused Gutters statements calling on the Sudanese to accept an agreement between Prime Minister Hamdok and the coup leaders.



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