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Civilians loot former UNAMID camp in El-Fasher
صحيفة سودان تربيون اخبار السودان / ديسمبر 25, 2021

December 24, 2021 (EL-FASHER) – Hundreds of people looted the UNAMID Super Camp in El-Flasher the capital of North Darfur which had been handed over to the state authorities four days ago.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that the crowd intruded into the super camp and looted property and equipment. Also, they vandalized the premises.

Many came with their cars and took whatever they found on the site.

The looting continued during Friday night.

The site handover took place on December 20 in a ceremony attended by Khardiata Lo N’Diaye UNITAMS Deputy Head and Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan.

After taking the control of the camp, Nimir Abdel Rahman requested all the signatory groups to withdraw their forces from the vicinity of the former UNAMID camp and to gather it outside the town.

The scenario of the looting is in several ways similar to the looting of the UNAMID camp in Nyala on December 27, 2019.

When the state authorities started to displace some assets and equipment to other locations, the crowd quickly and forcefully invaded the site, said an eyewitness.

The huge number of people paralysed the few security forces from protecting the camp.

Minni Minnawi Darfur region Governor condemned the looting of the Super Camp and called to return the stolen assets.

“We have directed to establish an investigation committee to urgently identify and arrest the offenders and bring them to justice,” he added.

Since the start of the drawdown process, several sites hand been raided and looted once they had been handed over to the local authorities.

Darfur continues to experience tribal violence despite the signing of a peace agreement in October 2020.

The displaced people say the agreement did not change the ordinary of their life.

145 people were killed as a result of inter-communal attacks that erupted in Western Darfur state on 17 November, according to a recent statement by the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors.


مصدر الخبر موقع Sudan Tribune

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