SRF condemns killing of 8 people in eastern Sudan’s Kassala

Protest in Kassala in support of the sacked Kassala governor on 15 Oct 2020 (ST photo)
October 16, 2020 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) on Friday condemned the use of excessive force against the peaceful demonstrators and urged to hold accountable those responsible for killing 8 people in Kassala.

The transitional government Thursday said the security forces killed eight rioters who sought with others to occupy the headquarters of Kassala state government.

The government spokesman Faisal Mohamed Saleh said that at the end of a protest against the removal of the state government some protesters headed to the government headquarters and clashed with the security forces.

“The Sudanese Revolutionary Front denounces the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators in eastern Sudan, and affirms that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed in accordance with the constitutions and international human rights charters,” said Hadi Idriss SRF leader in a statement on Friday.

“Also, the SRF condemns the shooting of unarmed civilians and calls for the formation of an investigation committee to hold accountable those responsible for the killing of demonstrators and bring them to justice,” he stressed.

Earlier this week, the prime minister removed the governor of Kassala state from his position, in a bid to end a rift in eastern Sudan over the appointment of a governor from to the Beni Amer tribe, Hamdok removed him from his position and

In Kassala, thousands of people attended a funeral procession on Friday for the eight protesters slain by police on Thursday. However, the march did not turn into a protest as the mourners dispersed amid massive deployment of huge security forces.

Some protesters also gathered in central Khartoum and chanted slogans condemning Hamdok government for the killing protesters in Kassala.

The SRF called on Kassala people to not give an opportunity for the counterrevolutionary forces and to remain committed to peaceful expression of their demands.

Idriss further recalled that the peace agreement provides to hold a conference for eastern Sudan to achieve reconciliation among the region’s components and complete peace requirements


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