Federalism a popular demand since 1947: Machar

October 28, 2020 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s First Vice President, Riek Machar said federalism has been a popular demand of the people of South Sudan since 1947.

Riek Machar poses at his office (FVPO photo)

He made the remarks while speaking at a workshop organized by the Ministry of Federal Affairs in the capital, Juba on Wednesday.

According to Machar, the establishment of the Ministry of Federalism was to help prepare the nation for a federal system of governance.

During the workshop attended by senior government officials and foreign diplomats, participants are expected to brainstorm on how best a policy framework for a federal system can be developed.

The federalism issue, officials said, will also be tackled in the permanent constitution-making process in accordance with the revitalized peace agreement.

According to the revitalised peace accord, which created Ministry of Federal Affairs for the first time, the constitution writing process will adopt the form of governance preferred by all South Sudanese. However, the peace agreement does not define ’federalism’, which has been a matter of debate between different parties in South Sudan, including those who want a powerful central government and others who want power devolved.


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